Dr. Katrina Kuzma (Malcomson), BMSc, ND

Dr. Katrina Malcomson photoDr. Katrina Kuzma (Malcomson), BMSc., ND
Thrive Holistic

My childhood began in a small town, called Hasting Ontario. Most of my spare time was spent catching crayfish in the local creek, playing hay bale tag or building forts in the forest behind our house. My family moved to Simcoe Ontario the summer before I was entering grade 8. It was a bit of a culture shock changing from a class of 15 to a junior high with 8 classes of 25. Throughout high school my love for science and math grew, I took every course in that genre I could get my hands on. I had the opportunity to take a health science course, which partnered with the local hospital. This class ignited my passion for medicine.

I moved to London, Ontario to attend the University of Western Ontario. While in university I had the opportunity to work as a personal support worker which further ignited my passion for medicine. However, I was torn by the restrictions of the traditional medical system. I started to explore different health fields and came across naturopathic medicine and knew that it was the right fit for me.

I moved to New Westminster, BC where I attended the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. The first two years were intense, with a 10 class course load per term and hours of homework Then 3rd year hit and I received a refreshing look at reality. Finally I was able to put the lifetime of studying into action and work at the teaching clinic and my passion was able to grow as I started to see real patients.

I then moved back home, to London, where I became an associate at the London West Health Centre. I have now branched off onto my own and joined the group at Complete Health Solutions. My practice is a general family practice which involves the use of nutritional and lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, vitamin/mineral therapy, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture) and physical medicine. I use clinical diagnosis and laboratory testing and determine each patient’s complete health history in order to address all factors contributing to illness. I have experience in the treatment of allergies, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, digestive issues, endocrine and autoimmune diseases. My medical practice involves treatment of menopause and infertility, along with prenatal care, postnatal care and pediatrics. I am able to perform routine PAP exams and cervical painting for dysplasia. I continually attend seminars around North America in order to stay on top of the latest medical research including the topics of detoxification, weight loss and the medicalization of life.