What to Expect

What to expect when you come to the clinic

First Visit

A first visit is about 60 minutes and includes an initial review of intake forms and any associated past lab work. A thorough medical and lifestyle history including a review of pharmaceuticals and supplements you are currently taking. Appropriate physical exams will be performed based on the information collected. During the visit the ND will learn about your health goals, discuss where your health fits into your day-to-day responsibilities and touch on any interfering factors. You will receive a detailed explanation of our analysis and approach to your case. The ND will then suggest comprehensive lifestyle recommendations and a treatment plan. On occasion the treatment plan may be presented on the second visit. This would occur if the ND requires more time to research your case.

Return Visit

Follow-up visits are about 30 minutes. During this time the ND will get a sense of how your health has or hasn’t changed since you last visit. A thorough update on your symptoms and health status will be obtained. They will perform any pertinent physical exams and discuss your previous treatment plan. Your treatment plan will be revised based on your response, with the objective of moving you closer to your health goals. Generally newer patient’s follow-up monthly as they start to feel better visits are spaced out accordingly.