Frequently there are questions as to how Naturopathic services might be covered under health plans or other means. Below, find a list of the most commonly asked questions and FAQ’s as it pertains to your natural health care services:

Are your services covered by OHIP?
Are your services covered by my extended medical?
You would need to check with your provider to see what type of coverage they offer.
Are the supplements you prescribe covered by my extended medical?
It depends on your coverage, however most plans do not cover supplements. You can collect your bills and claim them as a medical expense on your income tax.
Can you direct bill my insurance?
We can direct bill to green shield.
How much does it cost?
Varies by treatment plan, please call the office for more information.
Does naturopathic medicine replace conventional medicine?
No – Many aspects of the conventional approach to medicine are both beneficial and also essential for the practice of naturopathic medicine. For example, naturopathic doctors are trained in conventional medical sciences and routinely order conventional labs and scans alongside alternative medicine tests (like nutrient blood tests and food sensitivity panels) to help establish appropriate diagnosis of disease conditions and monitor treatment progress. Naturopathic doctors are also trained in pharmacology, and if necessary, can write a prescription for pharmaceutical medications. NDs also refer out to medical specialists for further work-up or when there is a need for acute care stabilization in a health crisis.
How long are visits?
See the what to expect page.
What do I need to do to prepare for my first visit?
See the new patient information page.